Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IUL?

An IUL is a whole life insurance product that is designed to be more flexible than traditional policies. Because of the tax free nature of insurance and the flexibility of the IUL, it has become a favorite of the wealthiest Americans as a perfect storehouse of liquid assets for investing and growing before passing them on the their heirs. The use of an IUL within a trust enables the creation of a virtual infinite bank of generational wealth. But this feature can also be used by regular Americans to save, grow and invest their money in themselves by way of becoming their own bank, paying themselves the interest they had been paying to banks and credit cards, and enjoying high rates of compounding interest – even rates as high as the stock market but without the precipitous falls in value associated with investments of all kinds. The IUL is not an investment, it is a tax-free storehouse of growing wealth.

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